Bento #3, 07-07-2002
Today’s bento did come to work. Just one colleague noticed and asked if it was a late lunch or an early dinner. Well, it’s in between ;) Because I get home late and I am already hungry at about four o’clock I have decided to try and have an extra meal. Of course I will eat less at dinner as a result. Maybe I am what they call a ‘grazer’: it fits my nickname Gnoe (‘Gnu’) anyway ;)

What was in bento #3?

  • salad with broccoli cress, radish, sun-dried tomato and basil leaves
  • corn-cob
  • fennel toast with leftover black olive tapenade
  • cherry tomatoes
  • a few cashew nuts
  • blackberries
  • yogurt (on the side)
  • apple (on the side)
  • little rolo (on the side)

I think it was a great success! I made it well through the day until dinner time :)