cover book Utrecht PathYesterday my brother and I walked our 7th stage of the ‘Utrecht Path’, from Renswoude Castle to Scherpenzeel House. And we’re halfway now! We have hiked 82 of the 163 kilometers through Utrecht province. In a week it would be one year ago since we have started, so that probably makes this a two year project LOL.

We really enjoy doing this since it gives us a chance to catch up on one another, relax and exercise in one go. And yesterday it gave me a chance to try out a little bento-ing… I made some Asian frittata’s, potato mash and chives flowers and a blue-cheese salad. I also meant to make grilled asparagus, to put the potato flowers in the oven with cheese and bring some cherries and tempeh crackers, but I ran out of time (big-time!). Good thing my brother called to say he was running late LOL. All food had to be brought along in ordinary containers, so it was more like a regular picnic. But… I did kindle my brother with enthusiam about this bento thing so maybe next time he’ll bring some as wel..!

BTW: I did not take any photos of my fake bento because it doesn’t count yet ;) Or can I call it o-bento #0?

Edited to add on July 27th 2009: we finished our hike last Wednesday! So it became a three-and-a-half year project ;)