Next to occupying myself with learning xml, I have been reading a voluminous world classic: Wilkie CollinsThe Woman in White (1860). At page 250 I am now almost halfway (and you wouldn’t believe how small they print those characters!). It’s really very entertaining! The introduction surprised me a bit by revealing part of the the plot — I don’t like to know much about the story but rather let it unfold while reading – but that isn’t too big a deal.

The woman in white isn’t mine to keep: I am participating in a Bookcrossing bookring: Collins’ novel was made available by bookcrosser Taowaki and all reading participants log their experiences with the book in a journal. A real fun way to share a book.

None of my predecessors have mentioned yet what occurred to me quite early in the book: that there are several similarities with Sarah Waters Fingersmith (2002), which I read, and liked, last year. I know Waters practices the skill of writing gothic novels — and the main storyline is definitely different from The Woman in White — but I can’t shake the feeling that there are just too many small comparisons. And I don’t know what to think of that yet… Let’s wait until I have finished reading my book! So I shouldn’t be sitting behind the computer too much ;-)

To be continued…