Cover How to Visit a MuseumI didn’t read many outstanding books in 2003! :( David Finn’s How to Visit a Museum (nonfiction) and Barbara Gowdy’s The Romantic (fiction) were this year’s favourites. And I also rather liked Boris Akunin’s mystery The Winter Queen, but that’s about it. All three I read close to the end of the year :\ A total of 26 books is not that much either… I can do better!

Further statistics: more than a third of my books were nonfiction (8). 17 of them were written by female authors, 8 male and there’s 1 institutional publication. 9 copies were or became Bookcrossing books.

  • Nationaliteit: geen. (My American Fictionary), Dubravka Ugrešić (1993, nonfiction)
  • Amsterdam, Amsterdam, Dubravka Ugrešić (2002, nonfiction)
  • Een ladder op de aarde, Hélène Nolthenius (1968)
  • Jerzy Kosinski: a Biography, James Park Sloan (1996, nonfiction)
  • De duivel en het meisje (The Devil and Miss Prym), Paulo Coelho (2000)
  • The Italian Girl, Iris Murdoch (1964); my first ever wild release for Bookcrossing
  • Een hotel op het dak van de wereld (Hotel on the Roof of the World), Alec Le Sueur (1999, nonfiction)
  • Reis naar het ongerijmde (Scar Tissue), Michael Ignatieff (1994)
  • In the Presence of the Enemy, Elizabeth George (1996)
  • Oesters, Rascha Peper (1991)
  • Huurders en onderhuurders, Hella Haasse (1971)
  • Rico’s vleugels, Rascha Peper (1993)
  • The Imaginary Girlfriend, John Irving (1996, nonfiction)
  • De prijs van de bruid (The Bride Price), Buchi Emecheta (1976)
  • De tienduizend dingen, Maria Dermoût (1955)
  • In the Forest, Edna O’Brien (2002)
  • Hotel Terminus, Kristien Hemmerichs (2003)
  • De zwijgende vader, Jill Stolk (1992)
  • De Tanimbar legende, Aya Zikken (1992)
  • Lopen met Van Lennep, [Jacob van Lennep] (1823/2000, nonfiction )
  • De geest overwint: 8 december 1941 – 15 augustus 1945, St. Indisch Monument ([1988], nonfiction)
  • How to Visit a Museum, David Finn (1985, nonfiction)
  • The Romantic, Barbara Gowdy (2003)
  • Sleuteloog, Hella Haasse (2002)
  • De afgewende stad, Hélène Nolthenius (1994)
  • The Winter Queen, Boris Akunin (1998)

Tried, but really couldn’t finish: De schepping: autobiografie van god (The Life of God, As Told By Himself), Franco Ferrucci (1989)