Well, I am not completely satisfied with the looks of my new journal yet, but it’s about time time I stopped playing and started writing!

This journal will be my life log. I already have a museum log. But although museums are a big part of my life, I really can’t write about them every day! That’s why I decided to create this journal.

Today we went to the Arena Mall. It was our second day of serious shopping for furniture and stuff and we reached ONE decision… Our diner table is going to be a Gispen (Dutch Design)! I have loved this office-like table for a long time now and all this shopping just confirmed my idea that there really are not much tables that are worth looking at – next to sitting at ;-)

Now we just have to decide whether it’s going to be The table, or a wooden one that is a little cheaper but -more importantly- looks well with wooden, much cheaper, chairs. With the other one we cannot refuse buying the standard Gispen chairs with corduroy seatings…

To be continued!